​​Alerts you at the first sign of water flooding

​Smoke Detector ​Guards against the

breakout of fire within your home 

​Detect if someone is

in the room

Knowif your doors, windows

and cabinets are open  

Light and Dimmer Switch​

​Manage the status of your

lights directly from the app. 

​Lets guests in while you are away

and receive updates when the status

of your lock changes through the app.

​Turn a regular outlet into a

smart outlet with a smart plug.

​Measures and monitors energy

consumption, reports usage statistics

and uncovers energy-saving potential

A/C system with a wireless thermostat and an actuator

​Senses when the glass in a

door or window is smashed 

​Motion Sensor

​Water Flooding

​Smoke Detector

​Door Lock

​Smart Plug

​Energy Meter

​Window& Door


​Glass Break Sensor

​Light & Dimmer Switch